Xineering Downshift Blip Module - GM / GM pedal swap *NEW*

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Xineering Downshift Blip Module - GM / GM DBW pedal swap *NEW*

Plug-n-Play - No more heel-to-toe - Consistent downshift, rev matched - USB programmable

For Road Race - Street/Strip - DBW (Drive-by-wire) cars with Manual Transmission
Throttle Control Description

Simple installation with OEM throttle pedal, brake and clutch switch circuits.
Upon detection of a downshift event (Brake and Clutch pressed) the throttle is commanded to a target % for a set duration (ms) to rev match the lower gear.

Programmable Parameters
    • Target Throttle Blip %
    • Delay after trigger for blip (ms)
    • Duration of blip (ms)
    • Clutch Pos %
    • Min. time between blips (ms)

Technical Notes
    • OEM Throttle pedal connectors: Plug-n-Play
    • Red Power LED & Blue BLIP ACTIVE LED on front panel
    • Passive design, vehicle operates normally when power to module is switched off.
    • USB programmable (set it and forget it) with Android App or Windows PC program
    • Every unit end-of-line tested
    • Made in the USA