PPG K-series FWD Dogbox Gear kit - 1200+HP rating

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PPG Dogbox Gear kit - K-series  with 4.61 Final Drive - Rated for 1200+HP

Part number HO-K5S4GD-1/4-GA-TURBO-BRC-4.61

Email us to order. Do not place order on site since there are options. 1to1tuning@gmail.com

$8500 - w/Billet forks

$6500 - no forks

normal price is $7499 without forks. Forks are $2579 upgrade

Gear set is NEW, but out of original box


K Series Drag Set Includes 1-4 Gears, main shaft, output shaft, final drive, billet shift forks and a 5th gear cuff / brace which is designed to work in your stock case or our billet upgraded case. 

Standard Gear Ratios: 2.615 / 1.611 / 1.159 / 0.909

Final Drive Ratios:  4.61