Magnus Launch Control Device *NEW*

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Magnus Launch Control Device with 24.75" Line

Brand new, in box. This is currently on Backorder from Magnus

This is the ultimate in Diaphragm style clutch management.  We’ve all seen people who cannot get their car launched consistently, and then we watch videos of all these racers who are getting it done time after time.  How do they do it?  They are all running the Magnus launch control device.

Everybody who has been racing long enough knows that dropping the clutch is a sure way to be picking up a whole lot of parts at the starting line, not to mention making you inconsistent as a drag racer.

The Launch Control Device also known as a “clutch slipper valve” was originally developed by 9sec9 and after seeing its success, we decided to give it a try in our race car. We were extremely impressed with how well it worked! What the device did was relieve all the effort that was needed to properly slip the clutch. This allowed us to be a lot more consistent and make it through a number of events in one piece. The adjustability in the Device allowed us to adjust the amount of slip needed as conditions changed based on track and weather. This kept us consistent and more focused on driving the race car.

The built in line lock is used only when launching the car. It is bypassed when you are off the 2-step button so there is no clutch slippage between gear changes.