JE Pro Seal Honda K20C Fire Ring MLS Gasket

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JE Pro Seal Honda K20C Fire Ring MLS Gasket

If you are building your K20C Engine to make over 600HP, this gasket is highly recommended by 1:1.

While the factory gasket works well with blocks that have an O-ring groove machined in them, this JE gasket uses fire-ring technology for ultimate seal between the block and cylinder head

JE’s Pro Seal MLS head gasket features three, 304 stainless-steel layers embossed in a proprietary, multi-step process and tempered to maintain shape and tension under extreme heat and pressure. The gasket layers are coated individually for exceptional sealing and easy release from the block and deck surfaces.

  • Ready for boost, nitrous, or high compression
  • Premium stainless-steel material
  • Proprietary three-step embossing process
  • Fully coated for excellent oil/coolant sealing and easy release.