Dyno Tuning - C8 Corvette with HPTuners

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Dyno tuning at our facility located in Millersville, MD 

Using the HPTuners MPVI3 device along with their Global B PCM and TCM unlocking, we are now able to dyno tune these vehicles properly using the factory-based logic.

If you do not have a MPVI3, no worries, we can use our device to tune your car. Creidts for HPTuners licensing are sold separately, and they can be bought with your PCM Unlock or on site when we tune.

Types of tuning offered:

N/A (Naturally Aspirated) - If you have standard bolt-on modifications like exhaust, intake mods, etc., this is perfect for you. Even in factory form with no mods, we are able to tune the engine and transmission to be more efficient and responsive than stock. The peak power gains vary, but we always do a before vs. after tuning plot to show the gains throughout the rev range.

Turbocharged - There are many kits out there that allow us to bolt turbochargers to the engine, but taking advantage of the boost has been slim until now. No more 3PSI wastegate springs to keep off the limiters. With the help of properly tuning, we are able to lift the OE ceilings and limitations of the fuel system, torque limiters, and more to aid in the drivability and most importantly, gain POWER.  It's recommended to retain the low PSI springs and add a boost controller, whether it be a simple mechanical type or an electronically controlled solenoid type in order to increase the boost as we tune. 

Supercharged - While the same principles apply as turbocharging, our window opens up with these systems with the reality of tuning. Expect big gains with supercharger kits now that the main parameters can be accessed and adjusted properly.

TCM - If equipped and unlocked, we will dial in the transmission tune for no extra charge. We can adjust shift timing, pressures, RPM and speed points, and more. 

Once you have ordered the tuning session, we will contact you via email to setup the date. We typically like to have the car for 2-3 days. This will ensure things like cold start, hot start, cruising, and of course WOT driving events are dialed-in the best possible. On the N/A C8s, we can typically get them done in a day or two if needed.


What do I need?

  • Unlocked PCM (optional TCM unlock for AT equipped cars)  
  • HPTuners MPVI3 with credits (or we can use our shop module and you will pay for credits, sold separately)
  • Leave the car with us for 2-3 days to complete the process