Brian Crower K20 Stroker kit 92mm

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Brian Crower K20 Stroker kit (or use crank for K24 De-stroker 2.2L)

This is a new BC Stroker kit. Pistons, rods, bearings all assembled to prepare for block assembly. Rod bearing clearance is verified. Rotating assembly is balanced.

When used in a K20, this 92mm stroke crank makes it a 2.35L (at 89mm bore)
Pistons are 86.5mm bore and 12.3:1 Compression ratio.
Rods are BC LW H-beam with B18A Rod journals.
Rod and Main bearings included.

These have been somewhat hard to come by and take some time to get from BC. I originally bought this kit to use on my circuit car, but those plans have changed to Drag racing, so no need for this kit any longer.