1to1-800 - 1:1 Tuning Spec Shortblock for FK8 / K20C - 800HP+

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1to1-800 Block (Rated for 800HP+)


This is our most popular offering for the FK8/K20C1 family. These shortblocks will take 4-6 weeks to complete due to the machining processes.   These blocks are rated to 800whp+ and are assembled, shipped, and ready to bolt a head onto them.

There is no need to send in your factory engine to be built. You will receive a new block and crank.


1to1-800 Features the following
  • BRAND NEW OEM Honda block and crankshaft
  • Cylinder Support system (HD Version) installed. Diamond honed to 86.5mm bore. O-ring for top of sleeve optional for best head gasket seal (Best for high boost applications).
  • 1:1 Tuning Spec - Traum piston set. 86.5mm Bore. Upgraded, oversized wristpins. HD ring pack. Or Comparable JE/CP Piston set (depending on availability)
  • Wiseco Boostline Rod set - 3/8" ARP2000 Rod bolts (optional CA625+ bolt upgrade available)
  • ACL Race Series bearings
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Micropolish crankshaft
  • Cylinders are honed to piston spec
  • NEW OEM Main bedplate bolts (torque to yeild)
  • All components checked, measured, verified. Debur edges. Set ring gaps. Verify bearings clearances
  • In-house assembly, packed for shipping
  • Shipping to be determined after purchase. We will contact you to coordinate. Typical costs in continental US range from 
  • *Note. Pictures are not exact representation of what you will get with this block. There may be slight differences due to options available.