1:1 Tuning - Stage 1 Map - 22+ Subaru WRX

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1:1 Tuning Stage 1 Map - 22+ Subaru WRX VB

for use with Cobb Accessport

Our Stage 1 tune is designed for 22+ WRX using a Cobb Accessport V3

The tune has been meticulously developed on our dyno and is intended for WRX's ranging from completely stock to minor bolt-on's using pump 91 or 93 octane fuel. 

Expect to see gains of +50HP and +80TQ (93oct) over stock mapping when using this tune. A bit less if using 91oct.

After purchase, we will contact you to get the needed information. After that, you will have your tune same business day.

How do we gain that much performance? 

Its simple, but not THAT simple.

Auto manufacturers use what's called a "Global Calibration" for many of their models. This means that the "stock tune" you have in Florida also needs to work in Alaska. And it has to work with all fuels with various octane levels and ethanol content. This leaves a lot of power on the table to dial in specific to your region and fuel type.

With our Stage 1 tune, first, you will notice that the boost increases +3-5psi over stock.  This range has shown to be appropriate for use with the factory downpipe and won't damage it in any way. We also refine the fueling command and ignition curve to make it more efficient as well as help with output.  In addition to those things, we rely on past experience to dial in the AVCS, torque command, wastegate settings, and more in order to get the best possible tune while keeping it at a safe level.