1to1-600 - 1:1 Tuning Spec Shortblock for FK8 / K20C - 600HP

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These shortblocks are assembled using BRAND NEW OEM cores and crankshafts sourced from Honda directly.  There is no need to send in your factory engine to be built. You will receive a new block and crank.

There are a many ways to combine parts and machining to achieve specific goals. We have built many K20C's from top to bottom using nearly every parts combo available. That being said, our preferred parts combos are hand-picked to meet and exceed the goal listed. 

Our main focus is to keep pricing within reason and to only sell our customers the parts that are needed to get back on the road/track.  The best way to do this is to offer "HP targets" for blocks with different options. 

This block has a build time of 1-2 weeks after order is placed before it will ship. Due to variables with each build, we don't typically keep these on the shelf, unless otherwise noted.  

1to1-600 Block (Rated for 600HP+)

This is our entry level offering. These blocks will go together fairly quickly (depending on parts availability) and are intended to increase strength significantly, while retaining a lower budget.  These blocks are rated to 600whp+ and are assembled, shipped, and ready to bolt a head onto them.

1to1-600 Features the following
  • 1:1 Tuning Spec - Traum piston set. 86mm bore.  Or Comparable JE/CP Piston set (depending on availability)
  • Wiseco Boostline Rod set - 3/8" ARP2000 Rod bolts or Saenz S-Series (depending on availability)
  • ACL Race Series bearings 
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Cylinders are honed to piston spec
  • All components checked, measured, verified. Debur edges. Set ring gaps. Verify bearings clearances
  • In-house assembly, packed for shipping
  • Shipping to be determined after purchase. We will contact you to coordinate. Typical costs in continental US range from $100-160
  • *Note. Pictures are not exact representation of what you will get with this block. There may be differences.