1:1 Tuning - Ported FK8 / K20C Oil pump assembly

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1:1 Tuning - Ported FK8 / K20C Oil pump assembly

The best insurance you can have for a new (or used) engine is an oil pump replacement. Since these pumps are mass produced, it leaves room for improvement.  Improvements to be had are just not flow related, but preventative procedures to keep the risk of engine damage to a minimum.

Shown in the pictures below, you can see the pumps come with a flawed casting that has some very weak leftover material that can get caught up into the drive gears. We correct that by knocking down the material and smoothing the surface. 

Post drive gear, we radius the housing internally to alleviate the sudden change in direction the oil has to flow. Then the output casting is cleaned up and blended to aid in better overall flow.

The drive gears are lubricated with Driven Racing assembly grease. This specific grease will blend well with your engine oil and not cause any blockages. We use this to aid in the priming of the oiling system to get oil pressure as instantaneous as possible when first installed. 

Brand new OEM Honda pumps are used to make this ported oil pump.