1:1 Tuning - OTS Map FK8 / FL5

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1:1 Tuning - OTS Map FK8 / FL5

For use with Hondata FlashPro or Cobb Accessport


After your order is placed, we will contact you via Email to get your car's specific details. 

This is our OTS (off-the-shelf) tune using Hondata FlashPro. This is a safe way to calibrate for your installed modifications without going through the process of a full tune.

After the OTS Map is purchased, we will email you with our spec sheet to get all of the necessary information needed to get your tune file ready.

These tunes offer BIG gains over the basemaps, but maintain engine safety and reliability, which is the most important aspect.

Since we have tuned over 500+ FK8 and FL5 engines to date, we have a good understanding on how they respond to modifications. This allows us to build a tune file that will accommodate certain modifications done to your Type R.  

These OTS tunes should only be used on cars with bolt-on modifications.  If you have more than the typical bolt-ons AND using Flex Fuel or another alternative fuel, it's highly recommended to get a custom E-tune from us instead.  The E-tune allows us to datalog and dial-in the settings specific to your fuel type, mods, elevation/climate, and driving style. 

Depending on the mods done, the power increases will vary. Expect typical 93oct OTS maps with bolt-ons to gain 70+HP and 80+TQ over stock. 

ALL of the OTS tunes will come with 5 map slots for varying boost and traction control levels. This way, you can choose your power delivery on the fly and use the FlashPro to its potential.


Stages available

Stage 1 - Intended for mostly stock Type R's. Intake mods only, max.   

360whp, 375wtq - Typical dyno results. Will vary depending on parts installed.


Stage 2 - Intended for lightly modified cars. Includes Intake, Downpipe, Exhaust, Intercooler, Turbo inlet, etc.

380whp, 390wtq - Typical dyno results. Will vary depending on parts installed.


Stage 3 - Intended for Stg2 cars + Flex Fuel or other mods

400whp, 420wtq - Typical dyno results. Will vary depending on parts installed.


If you have an upgraded fuel system (HPFP or Injectors), Turbo Upgrade, Camshafts, or anything else that is more in depth than standard bolt-ons, then you will want our Custom E-tune rather than the OTS map. If you have any questions as to which stage OTS your mods list requires, please email us.