1:1 Tuning - MK5 Supra PnP Aux Fuel Pump relay harness

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1:1 Tuning - MK5 Supra/B58 PnP Aux Fuel Pump relay harness

Anyone using the Motiv ReFlex box for Port Injection on their MK5 Supra or B58 equipped BMW will have to supply the PI system with fuel. Using the factory in tank Low Pressure pump to do this task is not the answer to this because it has to supply the DI system with its needed fuel and doesn't have the capacity to support both systems. 

The answer is to use an auxiliary pump/hanger, like the Radium Auto unit, to supply the PI separately and regulate it. The Motiv ReFlex device is the perfect solution to make this setup work seamlessly. The only issue is that customers are left on their own to wire the new AUX pump from the ReFlex device. 

This relay harness is the easiest way to wire the AUX pump(s) to the ReFlex device.

Key Features:

*Tefzel wire is used throughout. 16AWG for 12v+ pump supply.

*Harness is completely loomed, so there is no concern for wire rubbing through and shorting

*Relay and fuse included in one unit. Easy to check and replace if necessary

*Each connection is labeled making it literally Plug N Play to the ReFlex unit. The connectors cannot be switched or misplaced.

*Fuel pump hanger eyelet is reinforced with Raychem SCL heat shrink, making it rigid and less prone to failure. 

*These kits are made standard for Radium Fuel pump hanger kits. If another type is being used on your car, let us know and we can accomodate.