1:1 Tuning/ HPTuners RTD+ Device

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1:1 Tuning/ HPTuners RTD+ Device

HPTuners RTD+ device used for remote/E-tuning. This device is compatible with most modern platforms.

There are 2 ways to use this device. If your vehicle is supported, the TDN App is a great tool to easily read and write tunes, view live data, record datalogs, view and clear DTCs, and more. 

If support via TDN isn't ready for your vehicle, we will use a specific software to flash the ECU, datalog, check codes, and more until the app support is available. The results will be the same regardless of the route taken.

How TDN does it work?

Using the HPTuners TDN app, users can easily Read their PCM, Upload tunes, and datalog right from the app. No more use for a laptop when flashing the PCM and TCM.

Is my vehicle TDN supported?

Most modern GM, Ford, and Dodge controllers are supported along with some VW/Audi. In the future, more controllers are planned to be added, so keep an eye out.  All other vehicles will be supported using RTD Flasher software. The software will be sent with purchase of the device.

*Universal credits per vehicle sold separately*

Credits list can be found on https://www.hptuners.com/vehicles/

Here, you will also see the supported vehicle listing. All vehicles in this list are supported by this device via either TDN or RTD Flasher software

To purchase an odd number of credits that aren't listed in the options, please email 1to1tuning@gmail.com