1:1 Race Engines - K-Series Shortblock - K20 or K24

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1:1 Race Engines - K-Series Shortblock - K20 or K24

These are our entry-level, quickly assembled shortblocks.  Using our custom spec'd pistons(depending on 20 or 24), we get the optimum CR for your application. All of this is discussed prior to assembly of your block.

We recommend keeping these blocks at or below 650whp due to the use of OEM Sleeves. If you are looking to make more than the recommended HP, we can assist in building a stronger block. 

Choose your compression ratio based on the use of the engine. If you aren't sure which to choose, feel free to contact us for recommendations.


K-Series shortblocks features the following:

  • 1:1 Tuning Spec Pistons by Traum. Dish, Flat Top, or +CC dome based on application. HD Ring pack and HD Pins. Forced pin oiling. 1:1 Logo Engraved
  • BC H-Beam or Saenz S-Series rods - BC for higher HP, Saenz for lighter duty
  • King Bearings - pMaxKote Race or ACL Race bearings throughout
  • Cylinder walls honed to piston spec
  • OEM Main housing bolts
  • Rotating assembly Balanced
  • Bearing clearances checked and confirmed for assembly
  • Deck and Main bores checked for straight (repaired if necessary)
  • File Fit piston rings
  • Hot-Tank/Clean block and oil galleys
  • Chamfer/de-bur edges of castings and housings
  • In-house assembly and packed for shipping
  • Choose between New OEM Block and Crank, your own supplied core, or a 1:1 supplied core 


Typical assembly time is 1-2 weeks after all parts are in hand. Most of the time, we have the parts on our shelves for these builds. In the event something needs to be ordered, we will notify the customer.  We use only the highest quality of parts for these blocks and they are built in our ultra-clean facility. 

If block is being shipped, we will handle that after assembly is complete, separately. Typical shipping cost in the US is $130-180