1:1 Race Engines - Billet K-series Shortblock - 7 Second Package

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1:1 Race Engines - Billet K-series Shortblock - 7 Sec Package


Contact us before placing your order to be sure the correct specs are selected  https://1to1tuning.co/pages/contact

This is the strongest, most-durable engine in the Honda K-series category. 1700HP Rated.

We have been using these engines in the CarryoutBoyz 7-second AWD Civic for many 190+MPH passes down the strip. Most recently ran 7.46 @193MPH at 2023 World Cup Finals.


  • Bullet Engineering K-series Block. K20 or K24 (solid, wet, or dry decks available)
  • Fire Ring head gasket system
  • Final machining. Bore, Hone, Deck, clearance for rods
  • R&R Connecting Rods. Custom spec 1:1 Rod set with L19 Bolts
  • Custom 1:1 Spec Arias HD pistons with HD Ring pack. For use with Ethanol and Methanol fuels. Specify intended fuel after order is placed
  • King Race Bearings - Spec'd and clearances properly set
  • Callies or BC Billet crankshaft (optional) - Depends on displacement preferred
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Blueprinting with Spec Sheet included
  • Final Assembly done in-house at 1:1 

These blocks are ready for a head of your choice. The typical wait time is 4-6 weeks after purchase. We also offer complete longblock options as well. Financing available. 

For any other information or questions, feel free to contact us here.  https://1to1tuning.co/pages/contact

Shipping not included. This can be handled after the engine is complete.

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