What is an E-tune?

I get alot of questions and confusion on how Etuning works. It's just 5 easy steps.
Step one: 
You go the "E-Tuning" Link on the website. You will find your Device Type and vehicle in the drop down menus. Select your options and proceed to purchase the tuning service.
Step 2: 
I will email you (be sure to have a good email address) to get the details of your build, fuel type used, and other details needed in order to tune your vehicle
Step 3:
I build you a basemap and send it to your email. You'll then load the basemap to your ECU (I will provide instructions/videos on how to do this). You will drive the car per instruction and record the drive via datalogging from your device/ECU (I will also provide instructions on this).
Step 4:
You reply to our email chain with your datalog files and I use that data to revise the tune as necessary. I then send you a new tune to load and log. We repeat this until it's to our liking.
Step 5:
You enjoy your car finally and start gapping fools 🪄😎